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Wow, this year has been such a crazy year. Not only Covid 19 dominating everything, but the weather also. Warm one day, cold the next. This winter is shaping up to be the same. We got are first snowfall of the season...well that stayed on the ground. Today a rain snow mix, but very mild. One day hooray snowmobile season, and the next bring out the rainboots.

One thing for sure, Christmas is fast approching. We would like to wish all of our clients, friends and family near and far, A Very Merry Christmas, and A Happy New Year.

We will be on a Christmas Break from December 19th, 2020 to January 5th 2021. However we do recieve our messages, and will book you in by appointment only, during our closed hours. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Years.

From all of us at Herron's Marine

Merry Christmas

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